David Mackenzie, the Scottish writer-director who broke through in the U.S. with Young Adam (2003), delivers another whirlpool of psychosexual intrigue in this drama about Hallam Foe (Jamie Bell of Undertow), a teenager who becomes convinced that his father (Ciaran Hinds) and pistol-hot stepmother (Claire Forlani) conspired to kill his mother two years earlier. Since her death he’s spent most of his time in a tree house overlooking the family estate, which has turned him into a voyeur, and after running away and landing a job at a hotel, he spends his off-hours spying on his promiscuous supervisor (Sophia Myles), who bears a striking resemblance to his late mom. As in the earlier film, the emotions are as gritty as the Edinburgh locales, and the sex is dark, urgent, and deeply selfish. Released in the UK as Hallam Foe. R, 96 min.