Wrapping up a business trip to New York, a young man (Matt Boren) suffers an anxiety attack and skips his flight home to Los Angeles, where his wife and toddler are waiting; instead he retreats into the Brooklyn loft of his aging parents and for days on end regresses back to his teenage years, reading comic books, pounding out his old songs on an acoustic guitar, and worrying over a dog-eared letter from a high school girlfriend. This simple but assured indie drama about the safety of childhood and the necessity of leaving it is particularly affecting because writer-director Azazel Jacobs draws so heavily on his own life: the sweet, doting mother is played by his mom, Flo Jacobs; the stern, puzzled father is played by his dad, experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs (Star Spangled to Death); and the main setting is their actual loft, a hamster cage of books, artwork, and film equipment that’s as welcoming as an embrace. 94 min.