A mobster (Lino Ventura) comes out of retirement at the behest of a dying friend and to the chagrin of other insecure heavies in this French crime comedy, which flopped upon its 1963 release but has since won an enthusiastic cult following. Michel Audiard wrote the screenplay, adapting a novel by Albert Simonin, and many of the quips in the slangy, metaphorical dialogue seem to lose their bite in translation. But the kooky sound design, the supple direction, and the thugs’ rubber-faced reactions generate plenty of chuckles on their own. In the most memorable scene, recalling Quentin Tarantino’s calm-before-the-storm dinner tableaux, the gangsters take a break from their shoot-outs to share nasty-tasting liquor around a kitchen table. Georges Lautner directed. In French with subtitles.