Montparnasse Bienvenue

In the opening scene of this fast-moving French comedy, a young woman ejected from her lover’s apartment beats her forehead bloody against the front door—and she’s just getting started. Laetitia Dosch gives a wildly funny performance as the red-headed heroine, Paula, whose audacity knows no bounds: needing a job and a place to sleep, she first passes herself off as an experienced nanny and later crashes with a stranger who’s mistaken her for a long-lost friend. The easiest route to a roof over her head would be finding another man to take her in, but she’s still obsessed with her lover—an up-and-coming photographer whose most famous image is a portrait of her—and she treats the dance-club lotharios in her orbit like so much chopped liver. Paula flies off the handle whenever anyone points out that she’s now “a free woman”; from her perspective, freedom is nothing but chaos, and she’s more than willing to share hers with everyone else. Léonor Serraille directed this sharp debut feature. In French with subtitles.