Morris is a 13-year-old black kid transplanted from New York to Heidelberg, Germany, where he struggles to learn the language, endures the racist jokes of his ignorant classmates, and yearns hopelessly for the love of a pale, blond heartbreaker two years ahead of him. As written by Chad Hartigan (This Is Martin Bonner) and played by young Markees Christmas, Morris ranks as one of the most indelible, endearing adolescents to hit the screen in a long time, a tough-minded philosopher gamely suffering the vicissitudes of loneliness and unrequited love. Craig Robinson, best known as a comic blowhard, brings great warmth and restraint to his dramatic role as Morris’s widowed father, who works hard to keep it real with the unhappy teen, but Christmas holds the movie together. With Carla Juri and Lina Keller.