A program of motorcycle-themed videos. Dave Kehr writes of The Wild One (1954, 79 min.): “The legions of Marlon Brando impersonators have turned his performance in this seminal 1954 motorcycle movie into self-parody, but it’s still a sleazy good time. The late, phantom Laslo Benedek directed (he was prone to six- or seven-year disappearances), almost as inarticulately as Brando speaks—but lacking, shall we say, the latter’s sense of style.” Once a Jolly Swagman (1948), an English biker movie directed by Jack Lee and starring Dirk Bogarde, was known as Maniacs on Wheels in the U.S. The Pace That Thrills (1952, 63 min.), directed by Leon Barsha and starring Bill Williams, is about American dirt-track racers. Edward L. Cahn’s self-explanatory Motorcycle Gang (1957, 78 min.) stars Ann Neylan. Kehr writes of The Leather Boys (1963, 105 min.) “Canadian filmmaker Sidney J. Furie apes the dull flash of the British New Wave (Richardson, Reisz, et al) in this tale of teenage sexual confusion laced with a Freudian appreciation of the art of motorcycle maintenance.”