The real departure here is for Jia Zhang-ke, whose earlier films (The World, Still Life, 24 City, A Touch of Sin) have considered the pressures of globalization in a changing China but whose latest drama (2015) pushes both across the world and into the future. The story is positively ancient—a local beauty (Tao Zhao) must choose between a poor suitor (Jing Dong Liang) and a rich one (Yi Zhang)—but Jia radicalizes it by dividing the narrative into three sections that begin in 1999 (on the eve of the new millennium), in 2014, and finally in 2025, when the woman and her wealthy husband have split up and their college-age son (Zijian Dong) visits his exiled father in Australia. Through it all, Jia tracks the characters’ disintegrating connections to each other, to China, and to the past, as the century accelerates into white noise. In English and subtitled Mandarin and Cantonese.