Movement + Location

Lacking flashy CGI (or any other special effects), this imaginative low-budget indie (2014) relies heavily on dystopian gloom. Four hundred years from now the earth is still habitable, but some people find life so bleak that they jettison everything for a one-way ticket back to 21st-century Brooklyn. Bodine Boling, who wrote the screenplay, stars as a lonely refugee from the future; she’s so emotionally damaged that she barely functions as a social worker for the homeless, though close encounters with a teenage runaway (Catherine Missal) and a smitten cop (Brendan Griffin) jolt her out of her depression. Neat plot twists and a sweet romance help sustain interest, but the resourceful heroine is so street smart that buying into the concept of time travel is easier than believing some of her social gaffes. Alexis Boling directed.