The Movieside series began in 2001 as a monthly program of shorts and live music at the Fireside Bowl and has since developed into a less frequent but more elaborate affair with celebrity guests. This installment has two programs with separate admissions: a collection of local and international shorts and a tribute to iconoclastic Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin (The Saddest Music in the World), who returns to town after a similar coronation in April at the University of Chicago. The shorts program opens strongly with Peluca (2003), Jared Hess’s dry run for his poker-faced comedy Napoleon Dynamite, then devolves into an uneven grab bag of spoofs, political proselytizing, and punk-rock attitude. There are minor works by indie heroes Jane Campion and Bob Odenkirk, but the best entries are Lisa Barcy and Jim Trainor’s delightful clay animation The Ordovicians (2004) and Cary Fukunaga’s accomplished dramatic short Victoria Para Chino (2004), a harrowing account of a Mexican border crossing. Maddin, whose fanciful reimagining of images from Hollywood’s golden age has made him the most popular expressionist filmmaker in North America, is represented by his 2003 video Cowards Bend the Knee (64 min.), a half-dozen shorts (including Odilon Redon and The Heart of the World), and excerpts from his upcoming work The Brand Upon the Brain. Both programs feature live music by the Lonesome Organist.