Maria Anna Mozart—who performed before royalty alongside her little brother, Wolfgang, but whose father shut down her prodigious musical career when she reached adulthood—is such a potent symbol of feminist frustration that her story has been fictionalized no less than five times since the turn of the century. For this handsome French drama, writer-director Rene Feret offers a pointed rebuke to Mozart pere by casting his own daughter, Marie, as the title character (nicknamed “Nannerl”), and she carries the film with a contained and quietly watchful performance. The injustice of the girl’s thwarted career goes only so far, though Feret pushes it in some interesting directions: her friendship with Louise de France, a spurned daughter of Louis XV who ultimately becomes a nun, introduces a bitter spiritual equivalent to her own predicament, and a budding romance with the Dauphin at Versailles requires her to disguise herself as a boy in a bit of Shakespearean cross-dressing. In French with subtitles.