Mr. Roosevelt

Noël Wells wrote, directed, and stars in this charming feature debut, playing a down-on-her-luck comedian in Los Angeles who has one viral video to her name. When the guy she dumped to pursue her dreams (Nick Thune) calls to tell her that the cat they shared, Mr. Roosevelt, is dying, she hops on a one-way flight home to Austin, only to find that her ex is living with a serene new girlfriend (Britt Lower) who thinks of Mr. Roosevelt as her own. Despite some cliched plot devices (surprise, the girlfriend turns out to be kind of mess too), Wells limns an authentic portrait of a rapidly gentrifying city, down to the thirtysomething cohorts of loafers and tech yuppies who vie for the same turf; she also gives her character a clear backstory that supports her mistakes and meltdowns even when they’re over-the-top. 90 min.