For decades, every day at 5:45 PM, 120 million Latinx TV viewers would tune in to watch Walter Mercado, a sensational gender nonconforming astrologer, dressed in an extravagant cape, adorned in jewelry, and mesmerizing audiences with a message of peace, love, and hope. He was campy, over-the-top, and beloved by all. Then one day he disappeared. Mucho Mucho Amor catches up with Walter in Puerto Rico where he spends his final years aging, reflecting, and preparing for one last dazzling appearance. This delightful, intimate documentary offers a glimpse into Walter’s remarkable career as well as a nostalgic journey for the millions in Latinx families who love him. Described as equal parts Oprah, Mr. Rogers, and Liberace, Walter was a pioneer whose flamboyance and mastery at connecting with people made him a worldwide icon. Directors Cristina Costantini (Science Fair) and Kareem Tabsch (The Last Resort) successfully elicit tender honesty from a man with 50 years of rehearsed lines. He perpetrated (remember 900 numbers?), and was a victim of, exploitation, but was always proud of who he was. “I never rehearse to be myself,” he said. He lived each moment fully, a fortune-teller who never wanted to know his own future.