Álex de la Iglesia, Spain’s master of grotesque comedy, checks his more outre impulses at the door for this frantic backstage farce (2015) about a glitzy New Year’s Eve special being taped inside a giant TV studio. The movie opens with a dazzling musical sequence, dancers boogying to soul sounds against a screen of kinetic black-and-white graphics, before a camera crane accidentally plummets down into the audience and shatters someone’s skull. This basic formula—one part color, one part mayhem—carries through to the end, as the program’s star vocalist (Raphael, lampooning himself) clashes with a randy, golden-locked teen idol (Mario Casas) and narrowly escapes death at the hands of an assassin hired by his sullen, lumpish son. Meanwhile the chubby hero (Pepón Nieto), hired as an extra on the shoot, finds love with a beautiful dish (Blanca Suárez) who brings bad luck to every man in her life (troubling news for him, given that he’s been seated just beneath the crane). In Spanish with subtitles.