Some dog lovers have the irksome habit of projecting themselves onto their pets, but this exceptional animated feature proceeds from the opposite impulse: its elderly narrator is so awestruck by the otherness of his beloved German shepherd that the animal becomes a thing of beauty and wonder. Filmmakers Paul and Sandra Fierlinger, adapting a 1956 memoir by British writer J.R. Ackerley, marry his observant, eloquent prose (supplied in voice-over by Christopher Plummer) to their own shambling pen lines and muted, evocative colors. The mild story arc involves the narrator’s extended (and verbally frank) campaign to breed his Tulip so she can experience sex and motherhood, yet not even her mating or the ensuing litter of puppies can dilute the movie’s true romance, between man and dog. With the voices of Lynn Redgrave and Isabella Rossellini.