In this colorful children’s animation from writer-director-artist Dash Shaw, a trio of enterprising school-newspaper reporters uncover documents indicating that their coastal high school has been built below code for earthquakes, and wouldn’t you know it, the Big One arrives, tossing the whole building into the water and forcing the kids to reenact The Poseidon Adventure. Shaw’s script affects the ironic world-weariness common to high school comedy since the 90s TV series My So-Called Life, and his 2-D characters, lavishly outlined in black ink, are on a loop that makes them shimmy slightly even when they’re standing still. But the animation set pieces scattered throughout the movie are frequently inspired, pulling in all manner of media and materials, and the backgrounds can be dazzling, particularly those that, in keeping with the story, make use of dye blossoming through water and other liquid effects. Plus, the most popular kid in school gets eaten by sharks.