In Go for Zucker! (2004), Swiss filmmaker Dani Levy sent up the concept of Jews reintegrating in Germany; this 2007 comedy satirizes the dictator who expelled them. Hitler (Helge Schneider), losing his grip as the Allies close in, plans a public address that will evoke his Nuremberg rally, and Goebbels (Sylvester Groth), hoping to bolster his performance, liberates the Fuhrer’s former acting coach (Ulrich Muhe of The Lives of Others) from a concentration camp to help out. The humor is sometimes crude and outrageous, other times acerbic and pointed; one surreal sequence, in which the coach’s wife soothes the anxious Hitler with a lullaby, suggests how much punchier the film might have been had Levy better modulated its tone. In German with subtitles. 96 min.