Writer-director Maïwenn (Polisse) was married to action-movie mogul Luc Besson, and one wonders how much of their relationship found its way into this tempestuous tale (2015) of a couple’s courtship, marriage, and divorce. Vincent Cassel plays the husband, an irrepressible cut-up who charms everyone to his will, and Emmanuelle Bercot is the emotionally undernourished attorney who falls blissfully under his spell. Before long these impetuous young lovers (they have sex on a restaurant prep table, whoa!) are hitched and expecting a child, but the pregnancy inspires the husband’s volatile former girlfriend (Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin) to attempt suicide and his renewed allegiance to her begins to undermine the marriage. For some reason Maïwenn has decided to frame all this with a baldly metaphorical sequence in which the attorney, newly single again, wipes out in a skiing accident and mulls over the past as she learns to walk again at a posh rehabilitation center. In French with subtitles.