Jared and Jerusha Hess, the Mormon couple who cowrote Napoleon Dynamite, take their oddball comedy down to Oaxaca for this tale of a cook at a Catholic orphanage (Jack Black) who decides to raise money for the kids by moonlighting as a masked wrestler. The earlier movie still makes me laugh after multiple viewings because its podunk characters are so blinded by their furious obsessions; the same shtick is mined here, but it’s diminished by using an established comedy star like Black. Much more effective are the homely Mexican actors who play his wrestling partner (Hector Jimenez) and his rival at the orphanage (Richard Montoya). Mike White contributed to the script, and though he shares with the Hesses an innocence that can be both sweet and slightly grotesque (e.g., Chuck and Buck), his influence is most evident here in the conventional plotting. PG, 91 min.