In this well-crafted thriller, an Iranian woman (Negar Javaherian) struggles to understand why her father, a real estate tycoon who killed himself, went bankrupt; when she discovers that several people owed him money, she begins to suspect foul play. Threatened with eviction from the house she shares with her grieving mother, the woman tracks down each offender to collect his debt while her father’s ghost leaves clues about the true nature of his demise. Iranian actor-turned-director Rambod Javan weaves surreal flashbacks, hallucinations, and dream sequences into the central mystery, smudging the line between the woman’s imagination and reality. Though some melodramatic moments are clumsily handled, the film works as a queasy examination of grief, family secrets, and betrayal, bolstered by Javaherian’s committed performance and a supple, inventive story from first-time screenwriter Ehsan Goodarzi. In Persian with subtitles.