Seth Rogen (stunt cast as a grown-up) and Rose Byrne (stunt cast in a comedy) reprise their roles from Neighbors (2014) as parents clashing with the hard-partying college kids next door. The first movie pitted them against Zac Efron as head of a wild fraternity; he joins them here as an ally when a new sorority, launched by hell-raising misfit Chloë Grace Moretz, rents the former frat house. Like the first movie, this is essentially a feature-length version of Laurel and Hardy’s tit-for-tat comedies (e.g. Big Business), with the added attraction of Rogen and Efron reprising the automobile-air-bag slapstick that ranked as the original’s sole classic moment. This sequel isn’t bad, but director Nicholas Stoller could have gotten more solid laughs simply by having people jump on air bags and get shot across the room for an hour and a half. With Ike Barinholtz, Carla Gallo, and Selena Gomez.