A Brazilian cowboy in a traveling rodeo (Juliano Cazarré) dreams of becoming a women’s fashion designer but settles instead for designing erotic getups for the rodeo’s truck driver (Maeve Jinkings), who dances for crowds of men after each show. In this second feature by writer-director Gabriel Mascaro, the animalism of the cattle and their wranglers seems to extend to the characters, a roving band of misfits who form an unconventional family. The rodeo seems like an off-kilter life, as mundane as it is surreal, and cinematographer Diego Garcia (Cemetery of Splendour) underscores this duality by juxtaposing blanched wide shots of the itinerants’ duties with tighter, more richly colored shots that peek into their unspoken desires. The cowboy character would have benefited from a stronger story arc, but Cazarré is quietly charismatic in the role, a Brando-esque figure searching for meaning beyond maschismo. In Portuguese with subtitles.