Britain’s Hammer Films, best known for its supernatural horror movies, made a rare venture into social commentary with this creepy 1960 drama about a small Canadian village rocked by charges of pedophilia. The new school principal (Patrick Allen) and his wife (Gwen Watford) are stunned when their prepubescent daughter announces that elderly Clarence Olderberry (Felix Aylmer), one of the town’s most prominent citizens, bribed her and her girlfriend with sweets to dance naked for him. After the couple file molestation charges, the old man’s son (Bill Nagy) marshals the community against them, and the defense attorney threatens to destroy their little girl on the witness stand. Screenwriter John Hunter adapted a play by Roger Garis, though the studio’s fingerprints are evident in the climactic stretch, when the little girls are chased through the woods by the dirty old man. Greeted with revulsion in the UK, the movie fell victim to the same sexual hypocrisy it sought to expose. Cyril Frankel directed.