Korean director Hong Sang-soo (Woman on the Beach) makes movies about sex, but it’s always the elephant in the room, diligently ignored by his characters even as they carry on the elaborate bargaining of seduction. In this 2008 feature a successful painter (Kim Yeong-ho) flees Seoul after a minor drug incident and hides out in Paris; though he’s got a wife back home, he immediately falls for a young art student (Park Eun-hye) who wants his validation almost as much as he wants her body. Two other women orbit the painter too, and as in Hong’s other movies, male vanity becomes an endless source of muted, tongue-in-cheek comedy. Hong works in long, improvised scenes that seem to go nowhere, but they’re so rife with sexual subtext that, even at 144 minutes, the movie never feels long. Of course, when you’re hoping to get laid, it’s easy to lose track of time. In French and Korean with subtitles.