A fussy real estate mogul (Kevin Spacey) with little time for his wife and children is trapped inside the body of his daughter’s tomcat. One has to wonder why an actor of Spacey’s caliber would appear in something like this: the premise (a distant, workaholic father is transformed into something nonhuman in order to reconcile with his family) has been done to death, and the script is stupid and debasing, subjecting the tycoon to numerous cat-piss and emasculation jokes after he turns into “Mister Fuzzypants.” Industry veteran Barry Sonnenfeld (cinematographer of Raising Arizona and Misery, director of The Addams Family and Men in Black) seems to have collapsed at the wheel, leaving his actors—including Jennifer Garner, Cheryl Hines, and Christopher Walken—to do a lot of mugging for their paychecks.