In spite of some subtle performances and intriguing moral propositions, this Iranian drama is ultimately sunk by a flat visual style and an overly contrived plot. It begins when a Tehran doctor accidentally hits a family on a motorcycle with his car. The doctor doesn’t have auto insurance and settles the matter by paying off the family; but, later, when the family’s young son dies mysteriously, the doctor, convinced the boy perished from a delayed response to the accident, becomes overwhelmed with guilt. (In an overwritten twist, the boy dies in the very hospital ward where the doctor works.) How he acts on that guilt will strike different viewers in different ways—some may see his behavior as noble, while others may see it as excessively anguished or even crazy—since Vahid Jalilvand, directing a script he wrote with Ali Zarnegar, maintains such an open-ended tone. In Farsi with subtitles.