No Man of God

While No Man of God isn’t the one Ted Bundy movie to watch, it is one worth watching. Ostensibly about FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier, the film spans from his initial meeting with an incarcerated Bundy during the inception of the agency’s criminal profiling unit to Bundy’s last days alive. Bundy, of course, still steals the show, making the choice to present things from Hagmaier’s point of view seem like a cowardly one aimed at skirting any criticism about sympathizing with a serial killer. But as the duo fills up the almost single filming location, a claustrophobic room in a Florida state prison, it’s Luke Kirby’s Bundy opposite Elijah Wood’s Hagmaier that will undoubtedly captivate. With the details of the crimes laid bare, viewers are unlikely to sympathize. Instead, they’ll be mesmerized by Kirby’s ability to embody Bundy in a way many men before him have tried but failed to do. 100 min.

In wide release