Nocturama, Bertrand Bonello’s arty French thriller about a coordinated terror attack in Paris, wrapped production just before ISIL staged its horrifying November 2015 assault on multiple targets in the city, claiming 130 lives. The ISIL attacks—four bombings and four deadly shooting sprees, including the massacre of 89 people at a rock concert—make the movie seem tame by comparison. In Nocturama ten young radicals execute a wave of assassinations and bombings, but there are no mass civilian casualties. And in contrast to the Islamist attack that played out in real life, the one in Nocturama is weirdly depoliticized. One perpetrator brings vague jihadist leanings to the plot, but some of the conspirators, and all of the masterminds, are white and apparently well educated. They make sarcastic left-wing comments, but nothing you wouldn’t hear at a bar. Continue reading>>