The filmmaking team of Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl emerged from the impressive Austrian avant-garde of the 1990s, their compact works combining intensively altered “found footage” with rigorously rhythmic collages of music and sound. As with many experimentalists, their first narrative feature is a little disappointing. They adopt a Tarantino-style mosaic, complete with bank heist, of three sets of characters and their stories, all eventually converging at a gas station. Like a Tom Tykwer film, Nogo emphasizes the mind games couples play and scrambles chronology for the sake of jazzy overlaps; it also regularly freezes for some Gen X posturing by the characters and ambivalent gestures by the filmmakers—who’d rather desecrate than honor their narrative obligations. Nevertheless, this a reasonably colorful and inventive effort. With Meret Becker, Oliver Korritke, and Jasmin Tabatabai. In German with subtitles. 90 min.