The Prowler Credit: Film Noir Foundation

This weeklong festival (Sat-Thu 8/1-8/6), presented by the Film Noir Foundation in conjunction with the Music Box (3733 N. Southport), showcases nine films, several of them rarities, in themed double bills screening a couple times during the week.

On Saturday, August 1, Harry Belafonte will attend the sole screening of his 1959 heist film Odds Against Tomorrow and participate in a Q&A afterward.

For the program “Cheaters Never Prosper,” Billy Wilder’s 1944 classic Double Indemnity will be screened with Joseph Losey and Dalton Trumbo’s The Prowler (1951), which was restored this past year through the foundation’s efforts. Other programs include “Hemingway Noir,” Robert Siodmak’s The Killers (1946) and Michael Curtiz’s The Breaking Point (1950); “A Double Dose of Deadly Dames,” Orson Welles’s The Lady From Shanghai (1948) and Richard Wallace’s Framed (1947); and “Chicago Noir,” Harry Hathaway’s Call Northside 777 (1948) and Fred F. Sears’s Chicago Syndicate (1955).