A sharp and often funny film from Japan (1997) by first-time writer-director Sabu, about three losers fate brings together with disastrous results. A would-be bank robber forgets his mask on his first big heist, then screws up his attempt to shoplift one from a convenience store. The store’s clerk, a washed-up rock star, begins to chase the thief and literally runs into a thug from the Japanese mob he owes money to. This starts a three-way foot chase through the streets of Tokyo that lasts through the night and into the next day, eventually dragging in the yakuza and the Tokyo police. The relationships between the characters are gradually revealed by flashbacks interspersed throughout the chase. Sabu’s lean, economical style keeps the story moving along at a lively clip, with much of the humor supplied by the script’s trenchant take on the male ego. Only toward the very end, when the film succumbs to some trendy nihilism, does the story falter. Still, D.A.N.G.A.N. Runner is an enjoyable directorial debut—definitely worth checking out.