David Chase, who created and wrote much of The Sopranos, prefers movies to television, and for his debut in the medium he’s chosen to dip into his own past as an aspiring rocker in 60s New Jersey. John Magaro stars as a young man whose life is changed when he sees the Rolling Stones on TV; striped pants, Cuban-heeled boots, band rehearsals, and angry arguments with working-class dad James Gandolfini ensue. There are some piercing father-son moments, and Molly Price is wonderful as the protagonist’s sweetly progressive little sister, but the stock romance and interband squabbles have little more gravitas than in That Thing You Do! (which was certainly more fun). The period details are spot-on and the soundtrack is great; the music supervisor was garage-rock encyclopedia Steven Van Zandt, another Sopranos veteran along for this Corvair ride down memory lane.