Alain Resnais’ best work since Melo (1986) is, like that film, an eccentric and highly personal adaptation of a 1920s French stage hit—in this case, a farcical 1925 operetta with a jubilant and inventive score by Andre Barde and Maurice Yvain. A happily married society lady (Sabine Azema) is terrified that her industrialist husband (Pierre Arditi) will discover that his new American business partner (Lambert Wilson) was her first husband; a subplot charts the coming together of two other couples (including Audrey Tautou and Jalil Lespert). The actors do their own singing, and the theatrical trappings of the original—including lavish sets and asides to the audience—are embraced rather than avoided. As lush as an MGM musical, this 2003 feature is both moving and very strange, with one of the funniest ever French portraits of a prudish American. In French with subtitles (often rhyming couplets). 117 min.