Martin Lawrence, the perfect family man, turns to crime because his computer-engineering expertise elicits only form rejection letters, and Tim Robbins—a blissfully wed, amiable ad exec whose enviable life all of a sudden seems to be falling apart—joins him in this buddy/crime movie whose cloying characterizations support predictable themes and unexamined stereotypes. Still, the movie does contain some stylistic niceties. In one scene filmed at a vast distance the characters peel out to some classic road music—which is suddenly cut short when they pull over so one of them can urinate. After he gets back in the car the sound track picks up right where it left off, revealing that what seemed like ambient music is coming from their car stereo. But moments of this caliber are few—most of the comedy hinges on obvious stereotype inversions that fail to make much of either star’s funniness or the duo’s potential chemistry. Written and directed by Steve Oedekerk.