Kevin Spacey and director Sam Mendes, who collaborated on the Oscar juggernaut American Beauty (1999), mount an international tour of Shakespeare’s Richard III, assembling a cast from both sides of the Atlantic and taking their show to 12 cities around the globe. When Al Pacino recorded his experience playing the Bard’s lump of foul deformity in Looking for Richard (1996), Reader critic Jonathan Rosenbaum called it a documentary “about his own entitlement as a movie star”; I can’t go that far in describing this breezy backstage chronicle, though once Spacey is onstage he doesn’t disappear into Richard so much as Richard disappears into him. The tour touches down in Istanbul, Sydney, Naples, Beijing, Hong Kong, and New York City, none of which registers as more than an establishing shot; the camaraderie among the players, some of whom have interesting stories of their own, tends to shut out any sense of audience response, aside from the ovation that reliably greets the star as soon as he appears onstage. Jeremy Whelehan directed.