Working largely with the same cast and crew for about a decade, independent writer-director Tim McCann has established himself as a maverick filmmaker—each of his three features displays a taut, edgy sensibility far beyond the pale of Hollywood. In this Beta SP video (2004), McCann regular Michael Rodrick plays Conrad Kane, a man desperate to track down his fiancee, Jennifer (Debbie Rochon), who has cut off and absconded with his penis. Through extended flashbacks, it’s revealed that Conrad, having received a pornographic videotape featuring her with a local stud named Big Daddy Mac (Frank Olivier), ordered her to move out. When she refused he instigated a ritual of abuse that in turn provoked her dire act of revenge. McCann’s tone, perversely comic at first, gradually darkens, transforming this into a savage noir exploration of the war between the sexes. 75 min.