Produced by the U.S. War Department to document the landmark trial of 22 top-ranking Nazis, Nuremberg was released in Germany in 1948 but never shown in the U.S. To a great extent this restoration plays like a standard chronology of the Third Reich, and it might be best appreciated not as a documentary but as an artifact of the prosecution itself. Director Stuart Schulberg (whose older brother, Budd, scripted On the Waterfront) structured the film in four parts to reflect the four indictments against the Nazi defendants, for conspiracy, waging wars of aggression, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Combined, these four parts make for a cogent narrative, yet the story behind the film is so interesting that one wishes producer Sandra Schulberg (the filmmaker’s daughter) had made the restoration the centerpiece of a longer work that explored its historical significance. In English and subtitled German, French, and Russian.