Noel and Liam Gallagher, the bickering brothers of the chart-topping British band Oasis, each served as an executive producer for this two-hour documentary—though “detente” might be a better word. Despite the ample running time, the movie focuses almost entirely on the musicians’ precipitous rise from 1993, when they were discovered by Creation Records owner Alan McGee, to August 1996, when the band reached its zenith with two sold-out shows at Knebworth football stadium in the UK. The Gallaghers weren’t the nicest of playmates—”Fuck that cunt!” was Noel’s reaction when longtime bassist Paul McGuigan dropped out, complaining of nervous exhaustion—and director Mat Whitecross gives due attention to their coldhearted sacking of drummer Tony McCarroll and their tabloid dustups with their estranged father, Tom Gallagher. In the contemporary audio interviews supporting the archival footage, the brothers are relatively mum about each other, concentrating on the rock stardom they craved and clearly relished.