A hilarious satire of video violence, Paul Kosoulides’s UK film Inferno (28 min.) concerns two hapless Anglo-Indian car thieves serving time in a modern prison where their images, voices, and handprints are stored as digital files. After hackers break into the computer system and loot the files, the crooks find themselves turned into disposable combatants in a grisly shoot-’em-up computer game starring a heavily armed Lara Croft-style bombshell, but the AI component lets them learn from their errors and gain control of the scenario. In Jeremy Passmore’s moody Crossing (12 min.) a homeless teenager purposely steps in front of moving cars so he can hit the drivers up for cash—and catch a glimpse of the bright light awaiting him. And Martin Jones’s UK film At Dawning (12 min.) features a strong performance by Jenny Agutter as a woman who wakes up in a strange man’s bed and tries to step out quietly, an endeavor complicated by the discovery of a man suspended from a tree outside the bedroom window. Subtitled shorts from Spain, France, and Canada complete this 102-minute program.