As our culture becomes more homogenized and our lives more removed from the natural world, activities like hand fishing—or “noodling”—grow more charming. In this lively one-hour documentary Brad Beesley accompanies rural Oklahomans as they practice the “lost art” of diving for catfish, using their own flesh for bait and braving snakebite, beaver bites, and the threat of collapsing roadways (the spaces beneath submerged roads are often used as nesting places). “Not a lot of people want to go underwater, stick their hands in a hole where they can’t see anything, and get bit by something,” says one observer; Beesley’s achievement is to make you feel that more should (2001, 57 min.). The sound track includes music by the Flaming Lips, the psychedelic pop band profiled in Beesley’s half-hour video The Flaming Lips Have Landed.