Director Alexandria Bombach (Frame by Frame) shot this documentary portrait of human rights activist Nadia Murad not long before her subject received the Nobel Peace Prize, and the movie argues persuasively that the prize was well deserved. A member of Iraq’s Yazidi minority, Murad lost her family in 2014 when ISIS fighters attacked her village; she was taken prisoner after the attack and lived in subhuman conditions until she escaped. Murad has since used her freedom to tell the world about her experience, speaking to communities, political leaders, and the United Nations. The film follows her through numerous speaking engagements as she courageously relives her trauma in order to educate others about ISIS’s attempted genocide of the Yazidis. Bombach valorizes Murad in part by drawing attention to how difficult her activist work is to perform; an early montage shows Murad sitting stoically as newscasters ask the same questions about her abuse at the hands of jihadists. In English and subtitled Arabic.