A middle-aged nurse (Ksenija Marinkovic) in Zagreb, Croatia, receives a phone call from her estranged husband, who betrayed his family and his country by fighting for the Serbs during the Croatian War of Independence 20 years earlier and now wants to see her and his children again. This 2016 drama from director Zrinko Ogresta is understated but packs an emotional wallop nonetheless. Ogresta uses long, unobtrusive takes to capture the family’s interactions and reactions to the patriarch’s reemergence; Marinkovic, in particular, expresses more with a twitch of her cheek than with most of the character’s dialogue. The subtle script, cowritten by Ogresta and composer Mate Matišić, challenges one to fill in the blanks of the spouses’ decades-long relationship, which makes the film more mentally exacting but also more rewarding once the final twist is revealed. In Croatian with subtitles.