Laura (Rashida Jones) is having problems with her marriage. Naturally, she calls up her playboy father (Bill Murray) for advice. On the Rocks marks Sofia Coppola’s first collaboration with Bill Murray since Lost in Translation—and it’s clear they’ve both done some growing up in that time. The film is a departure from much of Coppola’s work as she shifts her focus from youth and beauty to the endless confusions of adulthood—dealing with your fractured familial relationships, uncovering paranoia and rising tensions in your marriage, and finding out where exactly you fit in with the world. Rashida Jones shines as a dramatic lead, and her rapport with a philandering Murray is sharp and charming. Some will argue that there’s not a lot going on in this film—and they’ll be right to an extent—but Coppola delivers a lightness to the uncomfortable but inescapable relationships in our lives like few others.