Lacking the raw vitality of Girlfight and the narrative heft of Million Dollar Baby, this 2007 drama about female boxers doesn’t add much to the sports underdog genre. The main characters are close-knit cousins from a working-class suburb: bantamweight Angie (Louise Szpindel), whose father (Richard Anconina) owns a fight club, and the heavier Sandra (Stephanie Sokolinski). We never learn why Angie throws in the towel during a championship bout, so her reasons for seeking a rematch are unclear; better delineated is Sandra, who’s driven by jealousy and ego to lose weight and vie for the father’s backing. I expected more insight from the filmmaker, prizewinning boxer Magaly Richard-Serrano; she settles for ambiguity when she could have made art. In French with subtitles. 90 min.