This 2014 documentary about the eminent American filmmaker lacks the production value of A&E’s Biography series, let alone the style and virtuosity of Bogdanovich’s signature film, The Last Picture Show. The title may suggest an in-depth profile of the man or a study of his influence on Hollywood, but director Bill Teck focuses more on Bogdanovich’s romantic relationship with ingenue Dorothy Stratten, who appeared in his 1981 caper comedy They All Laughed and was murdered by her estranged husband prior to the film’s release. Movie buffs won’t learn anything new about the Stratten case that hasn’t already been covered in other media (including Bob Fosse’s drama Star 80), and the documentary’s shoddy production seems unworthy of Bogdanovich, whose filmography demands a closer look. With Jeff Bridges, Quentin Tarantino, and Wes Anderson.