Five years before Save the Tiger, Italian director Ermanno Olmi (The Tree of Wooden Clogs) painted this sympathetic portrait of a middle-class businessman who’s begun to wonder what it’s all about. Played by nonprofessional actor Brunetto del Vita, the man is second in command at a struggling ad agency, and after his boss is sidelined by a heart attack he assumes the older man’s responsibilities and prepares for a promotion. Unfortunately, while driving along a country road he strikes and seriously injures an elderly peasant, initiating a dark night of the soul in a deserted office building as he waits for news of the victim’s condition. Olmi’s impressionistic montage, introduced in his acclaimed feature The Fiances, is even more assured and sophisticated in this 1968 TV movie, but the narrative never really develops the businessman’s relationships with his wife, his daughter, and his mistress, a freelance market researcher, and eventually I too began to wonder what it was all about. In Italian with subtitles. 106 min.