Liv Tyler plays a femme fatale so sexy she inspires a law-abiding bartender to commit robbery, a widowed police detective to fall in love again, and actor Paul Reiser to wear leather, chains, and white cotton briefs. The story, which is even dumber than it sounds, is told in flashback from the characters’ rotating points of view, and though the movie’s intentions are largely comic, scenes of bloody violence are thrown in—both attempts to invoke Quentin Tarantino. Michael Douglas plays the framing device—as a killer for hire, he listens sympathetically to the bartender’s woes in a scene that’s set in a bingo parlor mainly to create ambiguity when the bartender says “bingo.” Clever. Harald Zwart directed a screenplay by Stan Seidel; with Matt Dillon, John Goodman, Reba McEntire, and Andrew Silverstein. 93 min.