The 27th Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival kicks off with this shorts program, nearly half of which feature reworkings of imagery from other movies. In The Innocents, Canadian artist Jean-Paul Kelly re-creates shots from documentaries by David and Albert Maysles, integrating them into a beguiling montage that also contains images of wartime atrocities and hard-core gay sex. Gregg Biermann’s Iterations and Joshua Gen Solondz’s It’s Not a Prison If You Never Try the Door employ digital technology to de-familiarize famous shots from Rear Window and the original Godzilla, respectively. Ironically the only piece to invoke another film artist in its title, Eytan Ipeker’s experimental animation Tribute to Busby, contains no repurposed images, paying tribute to the choreography of Busby Berkeley with moving geometric patterns. The standout here is Wayward Fronds by Fern Silva, an instructor at the School of the Art Institute; an impressionistic report on the Florida Everglades, its imagery alternates between natural beauty and kitschy tourist attractions. The festival continues January 30 through February 1 at Columbia College Ferguson Center; for a full schedule see TK.