The French spy spoof OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006) managed to revive one of the stalest movie genres through sheer comic ingenuity, and this sequel is every bit as sly and inventive. Jean Dujardin returns as 60s secret agent 117, dispatched to Brazil this time to track down a former Nazi with a compromising list of French collaborators. Strutting around like a rooster in a thin-lapeled suit, 117 isn’t much different from other comic Bond figures, but the movies find a fresh and exceedingly rich vein of comedy in his airy sexism, racism, and colonialism. (His ongoing campaign to seduce his partner on the mission—a tall, sexy Mossad agent played by Louise Monot—is continually derailed by his anti-Semitic gaffes.) Stick around for the climax, a priceless takeoff of North by Northwest atop the Christ the Redeemer statue. Michel Hazanavicius directed. In French with subtitles.