Kristie Alshaibi cites cinema-of-transgression filmmakers like Richard Kern and Nick Zedd as inspirations, but this 2002 feature is closer to porn. Alshaibi’s “alter ego,” Echo Transgression, says she violates sexual taboos to “connect empathetically with the real workings of the human mind.” She hears voices instructing her to have group sex (she does), to have sex with someone under 16 (she fails), and more. There’s a certain morbid fascination here, but getting at the masochism behind it would require more than Richard Bluestein’s documentary-style camerawork and the affectless performance of the beautiful Echo (Alshaibi). When an art student Echo tries to kidnap says, “If you’re trying to shock me it’s not working,” she’s probably speaking for some viewers too. Also on the program: Bluestein’s short Auditions for the Gang Bang Scene of Other People’s Mirrors. 73 min.