When will they stop making movies about women teaching men to be better people? Cindy Chupack’s Otherhood is the latest installment in this tired yet still popular genre. Based on the novel Whatever Makes You Happy by William Sutcliffe, the film follows Gillian (Patricia Arquette), Helen (Felicity Huffman), and Carol (Angela Bassett) as they show up at their sons’ apartments in an effort to reconnect with them but instead discover that they are messes in all definitions of the word. Daniel (Jake Hoffman) is an alcoholic, Paul (Jake Lacy) is incapable of properly communicating his feelings, and Matt (Sinqua Walls) sleeps with underage models. And of course it’s up to the women to save their sons from themselves but not without being blamed for the boys’ actions or tearing each other down first. For a film directed and written by a woman, its plot is shamefully backward.